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About Us

Introducing the Kingdom and Changing Generations...Creating a Christian Culture

Real Life Christian Fellowship Church is a Non-Denominational church located on the westside of Chatham County, in the beautiful city of Port Wentworth, Ga. We are a loving church with a Kingdom mission and a community focus. 


Our Story

The vision of Real Life was shown to our Pastors, Paul & Lesley Taylor in a vision in 1993. Driving down Waters Avenue in Savannah, Ga. the Lord showed them a vision of a Ministry that dealt with the Word of God, and how it applied to real life situations. Even how the bible was a "Real Life" Word and every verse was truth, and that every person who came into contact with the Word should never be the Same! That vision is now Real Life Christian Fellowship.

On January 1, 2001, a group of dedicated, God-sent disciples joined Pastors Paul & Lesley at the Smith Family Home to follow the Lord’s command to establish this ministry.

The First service of worship was held at Spencer Elementary School on Sunday, January 2, 2001, with 38 people in attendance. After two weeks of Worship Services held at Spencer Elementary School, God moved us to our 1st building at 216 East 41st St. While on 41st Street, the awesome power of God was evident, souls were saved, bodies were healed, people were set free and delivered, and lives were changed.


After a year, we were led by the spirit of God from 41st Street to the West Chatham Area. Since coming to the West side God has caused us to grow by leaps and bounds from 14 Harrell Drive, to 18, & 20 Harrell Drive and now to our current location we like to call "The Miracle on Crossgate Road".

At Real Life Christian Fellowship we know that the word of God is REAL! The Favor of God is REAL! The Love of God is REAL! And the Goodness of God is REAL!


Transformation & Leadership Team

"Transforming lives through Ministry"

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